shall all be prepared and able to sustain the shock. That's a great experience. I never talked to a man before (except

anything like it before. Molecules and Atoms are the material employed,

I ever shall sleep again--or eat either. But I hope you slept; and ungrateful, I never mean it. In my heart I thank you always

We had tombstone for dessert (milk and gelatin flavoured with vanilla). I picked him up very gently by one leg, and dropped him out

Dear Daddy-Long-Legs, And then she broke the news so gradually that it just barely away his money on every sort of crazy reform, instead of spending it

and bull-doggish, and unable-to-see-other-people's-point-of-view,

But I never had one until Mrs. Lippett called me to the office

prae, pro, sine, tenus, in, subter, sub and super govern the ablative.

Dear Daddy,

You are not the only man to whom I write letters. There are

You should see the way this college is studying! We've forgotten we

I started this letter ages ago, but I haven't had a second to finish it.

And this morning I've been out with Colin visiting all the places

you throw my letters into the waste-basket without reading them.

see it.